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This $#@SH Aint Gonna Work

Well fellow MM’s I’m in my   5 th week of treatment. The time has come to proceed onward, as this has caused some havoc to my body. My treatment includes: -Dexamethesone -Revlimid -Velcade The affect of these drugs are unexplainable! My first reaction was like what the hell did I get myself into... like are my numbers really that  bad!!Has my situation really called for me to go down this road? I'm sure many have had it worst but for an relatively healthy woman (once I suppose) and whose not been one to run to a lot of meds if need not, this is a huge transition to my lifestyle. I guess I'm happy to still have a lifestyle but my time has been interesting with this. I have 3 more years of this. I don't know how this is going to work but this is going to be a miserable journey! I know my lord will not let me down even though the rock here feels like giving in and punching something in the midst. I pray the New Year 2015 is better than th

Health Advocate .... Best Kept Secret

Hi I'm running for Wego's Health Best Kept Secret and asking for votes. In this push for better health and educating those on lung cancer and myeloma... this is my attempt that is my goal. Thank you. Cheers to better Living Nominate Here

You Have To Change Your Thinking When Dealing With Myeloma...

I'm a strong believer of living life to the fullest. Remember when this becomes a wrap (over, finite, the end) you will not do all the lovely things we do now in the living, such as travel, eat that great pot of mac and cheese or what have you. Now with that said, this leaves no room for gluttony, just plain awareness to live life to the fullest. With the recent passing of Joan Rivers at 81 years of age.... She lived it, and with whatever insecurities she may or may not have dealt with in her own thoughts, She gave us examples what life is like and how to live it.... and that is full. We will all have our days of discouragement and depression dealing with our ailments, but when we're done, it's then time to shake off this funk and remember the good and positive of your life, and what you need to continue doing. At the end of the day there's an unforeseen expiration for all of our lives, with that said it's time to go full force and live. My few posts sp

Thoughts Other Than...

Today I don't feel like stressing and giving light to myeloma or feeling crappy. A lot has happened this summer some good and some so very bad. The Good: -Recently promoted- which actually took place months prior but I feel like throwing that in -Finally getting process up in running for non-profit Mae's Breath in regards to 501 c 3 -Traveling to Hong Kong for about 2 weeks- business but no complaints from me :) -Going to the renowned Nobu Restaurant in Hong Kong- yum! -Seeing how God is working my mind with handling the good along with the bad- and how deep is    my faith when it comes to adversities -Reviewing my stance on supportive friends and family... they do exist -Traveling to the Bahamas for vacation... doctor approved and all -Eating good food -Celebrating this forth of July with a 70's Themed BBQ -Limiting social alcohol intake- I guess that's good too... really it is :) -Completing our kitchen floor project - Putting to bed some

Featured In...

Okay, so a few things happened to me over the past 3 months... Viral Infection ( Temporary lost of hearing due to this infection) Almost bled to death a few blood transfusions.... long story and the kicker..... My numbers have spiked time for treatment! I just returned from my wonderful vacation, as we were sure this would not take place, yet it did. I survived my transfusion ordeal, though scary and losing me a few times in the hospital, yet I made it. When I got the back to back news about MM and time to react with treatment, I was devastated- my thought was I will now be one of those people who starts the true dance with myeloma. I wanted to punch something and someone, but after a few days in the Bahamas, I've come back with a new perspective. God is not done with me yet.... he could have easily ended this a few weeks ago with my other medical scares, as I was that close to leaving here. Though I'm anxious, nervous about what's to come, I'm so a fighter

Always Something

What I’m learning and learning quite harshly is that life goes on with myeloma- this I knew; however You can’t win being stubborn! Though I’m a huge advocate of living a full and productive life, this does not mean doing things that are not considered unhealthy. My pattern of 4 -5 hours’ sleep has caught up to me in ways I didn’t think it would. My last post of a viral infection and now another huge health scare…. And may I say none of these have anything to do with multiple myeloma. Lesson learned after a blood transfusion, collapsing, and seizure…. A change is going to come in one way or another. If you’re like myself constantly busy and not making the best decision in getting rest, take my words, you’re not going to win, because just when you want to be at the top of your game, your body will shut it down, and the hope is that it doesn’t shut you down permanently.   Lessons to be learned when terminally under watch (if you will): -Little rest- opens the door for

Out of Commision

Hello Fellow Readers, Excuse the short absence. I was ill with some kind of strange viral infection- that no one knows for sure what it was..... This was one time I knew for sure MM was about to be the death of me! What started off as a quick turn sore throat to losing my voice in 1 day, to an ear infection the next day, to horrendous back spasms- i cannot tell you how much pain i was in. Now this may not have had anything to do with MM, but the back spasm and me crawling and dropping to the floor due to the pain.... I cannot tell you how crazy the experience has been. My concern was even more intense with the back spasms, as it was at my lower spine, where I already have small indications of lesions, so you can imagine how scary this was. I recovered from this, but hope there was no damage done, but my practioner assured me if there was fractions, I would not be about to bend and do some of the tests he had me do. I'll need to share this experience with my oncologist in th

Advantages of a Social Worker

Last week at my lab appointment I was excited to see that my hospital or myeloma department, is offering massage therapy sessions. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! I use to get massages every month twice a month, but with myeloma ..... it's very important to be careful in this gentle form of relaxation.... if you will. Having someone pound on your spine may not be the most comfortable for a myeloma patient; it may actually do more harm than good. How would you know this? I guess for me it's common sense, but what about so many of myeloma patients who just don't know what they should and should no longer take part in? -Should we take part in Diving? Skateboarding? Rollerskating? Remember for me I'm still on the young side and there's certain things I like to do... like rollerskating.... but can you imagine a hard slam if that right foot misses it's bearing? ^$%#*$ Ouch! Even almost 6 years in this mess, there are some details I would like clari

Healthy Snacks-2014... Crunch Appeal

Okay, so you all know I'm trying to limit my sugar  and chicken intake. I'm very mindful of sugar and when enough is enough, so I still have a way to go. I came upon a recipe some years ago when diagnosed with myeloma and reading on the benefits of adding flax seed to diet. Flax seed is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing bone lost, stabilizing blood sugar, promoting weight loss, as well as increasing your immune system. I have to admit I'm a snacker and it's something about getting the munchies just when it's time to call it a night that the snack attack occurs. I like snacks that crunch... I don't know maybe it's a mental thing or something. Today, we're snowed in and I need a break from my business at Spitfir, so I've played around for tonight's snack when "The Walking Dead" series comes on:) Shall we begin?? Let's rock.....                                                        Flax Seed Twist

Sugar Decrease Challenge

Happy New Year! Well as I last posted on my facebook  update- this year is all about a healthier mind frame. The key to myeloma and health is lessen the sugar intake. During the holiday I definitely over indulged in Spanish coquito (Spanish version rum based eggnog), between this and homemade cakes and cookies, I gained 7 lbs. I had a serious hissy fit and knew the change would be necessary. Sugar and myeloma or any other disease is not a good cocktail. My goal for the new year is to limit the amount of sugars I intake. They'll be times I may slip, but being mindful of what I'm putting in my body is the key. I've stopped drinking soda for over 10 years now, so juice you would think is a better option.... not really! 4-5 cups of juice equals a lot of future damage. As we get older we have to think of the possibility of diabetes. The joy of sugar is grand and all but taking insulin for the rest of my life and worrying about myeloma on top of that is not an optio