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The Journey

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! Living with multiple myeloma is no longer looked at as a death sentence, and yes there's many different experiences, those positive experiences shared gives us a bit of hope. May today's journey be grand, hopeful and remember never lose faith in the fight. Keep your faith, positive mind frame, and wit.

WTF... My Leg Hurts!

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile from my last posting… sorry. All well on my mm journey- but there are some call outs as I adjust to meds and my body reactions to this interesting journey. A month ago I awoke in agonizing pain at my right leg. It was an excruciating leg spasm from what I thought was a subtle stretch. Well let’s just say I’ve been having problems ever since. I know somewhere down the line this has to do with these crazy meds being taken- after my 3 rd week and alerting my team of weekly nurses, I was given a leg sonogram. It was so agonizing waiting the final results, but luckily there’s no signs of the dreaded DVT everyone speaks about that is actually quite scary…. What Is DVT? Deep Vein Thrombosis Clotting that can form in any area of the body, It’s more prevalent in the legs. The huge concern is when these clots travel through -out the body and travel to the lungs causing death of pulmonary embolism. Some signs to look out for: Warm skin Red

Young, Black, and Living with Multiple Myeloma

Read my story in Black Doctors. Org Feeling Good Myeloma warriors- on Zometa... HATE IT! More to report on this foolishness! MY STORY HERE

Mind, Body and Spirit... and oh yeah Myeloma- Skin Segment

Okay, this has been a harsh winter and cold brutal temperatures can cause havoc on  the skin. When faced with any kind of disease and in this case  myeloma, cold, dry cracked skin is not a good day. Here's the first of my health segment I spoke about starting. I've noticed for myself being on the cocktail of drugs I spoke of, my skin tends to be super dry... more than usual. There was a point it was so cracked I thought it would bleed, and that's not cute! I had a regimen years ago when I had this dry patch of psoriasis or something on my *back that I wiped away and it never returned, I'm not sure what happened, but I went and did some research and looked to old school remedies. Old school method and the new. Let's start with: Hands Let's face it after people reference you by face, the hands are next. Hands are the makeup of what's going on with you,and yes I believe so. There have been times in meetings I'll cover mine up i

Long Time.... But Harvesting We Go!

  Well it's been a minute my fellow MM's. I've been feverishly working, whether on my 9-5, side projects, and event planning as Executive Director of my heart Mae's Breath Foundation . I've been doing the meds thing, and my stomach shows the after affect of those painful $%7 Bortezomib or better known Velcade shots. It's amazing ....  take a shot today and 5 days later I look down at my stomach to see a strange birthmark-like mark appear- yet everyone says it'll go away eventually... yeah right -like my chest radiation scar that took like 5 years or so to finally disappear... sought of! Anywho... The good news I suppose is my cancer and the recent yet current meds has brought me to 90% remission . I started treatment in October of 2014 and here it is March 2015, and in these short months my IGA level has dropped from 7000 (Not Good) to 400 (Very Good). I can't say I'm totally ecstatic because we all know how this cancer works... or do we?

2015 Healthy Outlook... Kind of....

Hi It's a beautiful brisk day and I'm alive and bright! It's a new year and I wanted to start it off by promoting the year with a healthy outlook- mind, spirit, and body.... Starting 2015- I'll start a special post of Healthy Living with Myeloma.... Superbowl Sunday has passsed Here are my healthy myeloma tips for the day: Well not really the healthiest I must admit; However hope you all enjoyed the day and game with food and drink and try not to stir too much of med treatments of revlimid, and dexamethasone that you need to endure the incoming week. We have to find balance of enjoying this thing called life. I enjoy cooking so I'm sharing Sunday's master piece as we were hit with a huge snowstorm here in the east coast. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST MY FELLOW MM SURVIVORS!