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Viactiv and Myeloma

Okay readers let’s turn up the fire on discussion…. So while eating my lunch from home- spaghetti and turkey meatballs, I popped a chocolate known as Viactiv Calcium Chews-500mg. Viactiv is a small chocolate supplement for calcium consumption. The popular television commercials had stated just 2 will give you your daily calcium needs, and as myeloma patients (or I hope most of you are aware) we need that Vitamin D and calcium to assist in maintaining stronger bones, as this is one of the dire consequences of myeloma. On my last MRI found small hints of lesions at my pelvis, and since I take Vit. D supplement presently – why not try this as well. Well during the lunch I mentioned my brief search on internet made me choke on the supplement- when I came upon Medsfacts. com study on Viactiv and multiple myeloma a side effect of Viactiv… I was utterly confused and quite concerned, considering- “Well I have MM, but will this chewable affect me further negatively??” I became