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Healthy Snacks-2014... Crunch Appeal

Okay, so you all know I'm trying to limit my sugar  and chicken intake. I'm very mindful of sugar and when enough is enough, so I still have a way to go. I came upon a recipe some years ago when diagnosed with myeloma and reading on the benefits of adding flax seed to diet. Flax seed is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing bone lost, stabilizing blood sugar, promoting weight loss, as well as increasing your immune system. I have to admit I'm a snacker and it's something about getting the munchies just when it's time to call it a night that the snack attack occurs. I like snacks that crunch... I don't know maybe it's a mental thing or something. Today, we're snowed in and I need a break from my business at Spitfir, so I've played around for tonight's snack when "The Walking Dead" series comes on:) Shall we begin?? Let's rock.....                                                        Flax Seed Twist

Sugar Decrease Challenge

Happy New Year! Well as I last posted on my facebook  update- this year is all about a healthier mind frame. The key to myeloma and health is lessen the sugar intake. During the holiday I definitely over indulged in Spanish coquito (Spanish version rum based eggnog), between this and homemade cakes and cookies, I gained 7 lbs. I had a serious hissy fit and knew the change would be necessary. Sugar and myeloma or any other disease is not a good cocktail. My goal for the new year is to limit the amount of sugars I intake. They'll be times I may slip, but being mindful of what I'm putting in my body is the key. I've stopped drinking soda for over 10 years now, so juice you would think is a better option.... not really! 4-5 cups of juice equals a lot of future damage. As we get older we have to think of the possibility of diabetes. The joy of sugar is grand and all but taking insulin for the rest of my life and worrying about myeloma on top of that is not an optio