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Health Advocate 101... For You

Okay, I've received a few call outs on some very important subjects in the war of Myeloma, and thought why not prepare a simple reference to be mindful, as you take on your new journey in fighting multiple myeloma.... or any ailment Here are the top 3 for 2016 To tell the truth my time with Myeloma and handling other family health matters- I feel like I should sign up for a position as a Patient Advocate because there's something to be said if you don't speak up for the most important person in your life in this moment in time... and that is YOU! 101 A Learn to Listen... Then Speak Newbies- You''ll be bombarded with a lot of details about your present position. I've been there - it will be very overwhelming and at times frustrating. Seasoned- I know it- you know the routine and want to get on with the technicalities. You've been through the routine with Social Workers, Oncologist, Nurses, Insurance Claims for a while now. Well n