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The Decisions With Chemo....

When you hear the words you have cancer.... What is your first thought? Life, Death, and the thoughts of "Oh ^$%#* I may have to go through the wails of chemotherapy, and not necessarily in this order. Being told I had multiple myeloma was a whirlwind indeed, and I did have those oh crap I will at some point need to take toxins/medicine to control this disease. I have not had the un-pleasure of being introduced to Revlimid , Thalomid and Velcade, but I know it is not an easy decision to decide on taking these options. The uncertainties can be very mind boggling and challenging with the questions what ifs... - What if I get thrombosis? A common possible side effect - What if my hair falls out - What if I can't recover from the treatment? - Needles... Ugh! - Will I feel better or worse? The decisions of cancer are not easy and we all don't take this new life challenge in stride. For some taking chemo means to extend life.... why question the goals of the treat

Women Dealing With Cancer Chat Tour

LET'S CHAT! I wanted to start a health forum tour where women specifically can relate to questions  and or plain discussions about how we deal with cancer. This is not to leave the men out, as we'll do this again throughout the year so men and women can join in. Let's face it.... We all deal with cancer in different ways, some of us get heavily involved in work, others cope with progression of their cancer, and others take the situation as it comes. One thing I think many women can relate to and that is cancer sucks. Here are but a few that relate to women in a special and personal way: -Appearance -Dealing with Stress -Coping with family duties (Children, Chores, Work, etc.,) -Mentality -Holding our emotions -Grasping the reality of the disease These are some things I would like to address during the first of Myeloma Health Forum Series Women Dealing With Cancer This group is open to anyone other than myeloma patients and or caregivers. The chat beg