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Virtual Book Tour

Hello, I would like to invite you to meet and greet chat with me via my first online book tour- with a bit of a twist. I'm looking forward to speaking about my book and my journey with MM, and how and what I've done to change my outlook on life after my diagnosis. We're offering discounts on the book if purchased from website the week leading up to tour, Giveaways, autographed copies, and chatting with many who are going through this difficult time. What I stress continuously is though you may have myeloma, it is very important to change the thought that myeloma does not have You. Life goes on- there's traveling to do, work to finish, and life to live! Mad About Myeloma... Really I am Tour Tour Date: June 3- 12:00pm-1:00pm June 7- 8:00pm- 9:00pm June 8- 10:00am - 11:00am Sign up detail is Free Contact - for more details and dates of interest  

Insurance and MRI's &%#$#

Okay, so I had my dreaded yearly MRI scheduled finally for last week. The 2-3 hour torture of being in this chamber exposed to invisible rays is always daunting, but as long as no needle is involved I'm okay sucking it up. The day before I got a call at my office that my appointment is confirmed- BUT my insurance has not confirmed all tests that need to be done... like I was flustered on whether I should be upset that they were calling me at 4:30pm after a long draining day with meetings and close to going home, or why I wasn't informed weeks ago that there was an issue. The rep told me I had a choice of rescheduling.... um to schedule these types of testing is not so easy and arranging time to do so is not a breeze either. I looked at the phone and what choice did I have but to say okay let's just do the testing of what was approved, and take it from there. My husband in I made it in to NY maybe earlier than needed, but rather early than late. I was up 3:00am in a