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The Look of Cancer

I was wondering about something today and came up with what is the true look of cancer ? Odd question? Not really considering there's a misconception on how people perceive the ill to look. This is me....   I'll be a 5 year cancer survivor this October, which would be exact time I was officially diagnosed with mm. You look at me what do you see? My hair looks intact, I'm smiling through it all, my eyes are not sunken in.....    Last year my husband and I went to a community fair, one of the participants were The American Cancer Society representing a survey to that tracks individual health in relation to later health problems like cancer. Since I was already diagnosed with cancer my husband decided to take part, which would consist of a later appointment and blood work to keep in file, when the ladies asked me if I wanted to take part along with my husband, I announced that I currently have cancer... well the look they gave me was unsettling, because it c