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2015 Healthy Outlook... Kind of....

Hi It's a beautiful brisk day and I'm alive and bright! It's a new year and I wanted to start it off by promoting the year with a healthy outlook- mind, spirit, and body.... Starting 2015- I'll start a special post of Healthy Living with Myeloma.... Superbowl Sunday has passsed Here are my healthy myeloma tips for the day: Well not really the healthiest I must admit; However hope you all enjoyed the day and game with food and drink and try not to stir too much of med treatments of revlimid, and dexamethasone that you need to endure the incoming week. We have to find balance of enjoying this thing called life. I enjoy cooking so I'm sharing Sunday's master piece as we were hit with a huge snowstorm here in the east coast. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST MY FELLOW MM SURVIVORS!