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Week 4 Challenge and Rev/ Dex/ Krypolis

Well I've completed my 21 day fitness challenge- didn't have much time to give a day by day plan with the exception on IG posts -Yoliecooks. It's been some interesting few weeks, but happy to say I safely lost 5 lbs, and 4 more to go. This challenge has taught me that I don't have to just go with the flow, but I can move towards a healthier eating regimen as well as workout. This challenge was more rewarding than when I normally workout at the gym... with that I'm proud of the results. -Losing some of waist and stomach- states happiness on my part. Healthy mindset is a must for those going through chronic conditions. The way to move ahead in making changes is towards your diet and getting some form of physical activity*. *Always speak with your doctor when you want to go that route of physical activities in what should and should not be done, based on your individual situation. Diet My diet consisted of mindfulness - period! It was refreshing to e