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Mind, Body and Spirit... and oh yeah Myeloma- Skin Segment

Okay, this has been a harsh winter and cold brutal temperatures can cause havoc on  the skin. When faced with any kind of disease and in this case  myeloma, cold, dry cracked skin is not a good day. Here's the first of my health segment I spoke about starting. I've noticed for myself being on the cocktail of drugs I spoke of, my skin tends to be super dry... more than usual. There was a point it was so cracked I thought it would bleed, and that's not cute! I had a regimen years ago when I had this dry patch of psoriasis or something on my *back that I wiped away and it never returned, I'm not sure what happened, but I went and did some research and looked to old school remedies. Old school method and the new. Let's start with: Hands Let's face it after people reference you by face, the hands are next. Hands are the makeup of what's going on with you,and yes I believe so. There have been times in meetings I'll cover mine up i

Long Time.... But Harvesting We Go!

  Well it's been a minute my fellow MM's. I've been feverishly working, whether on my 9-5, side projects, and event planning as Executive Director of my heart Mae's Breath Foundation . I've been doing the meds thing, and my stomach shows the after affect of those painful $%7 Bortezomib or better known Velcade shots. It's amazing ....  take a shot today and 5 days later I look down at my stomach to see a strange birthmark-like mark appear- yet everyone says it'll go away eventually... yeah right -like my chest radiation scar that took like 5 years or so to finally disappear... sought of! Anywho... The good news I suppose is my cancer and the recent yet current meds has brought me to 90% remission . I started treatment in October of 2014 and here it is March 2015, and in these short months my IGA level has dropped from 7000 (Not Good) to 400 (Very Good). I can't say I'm totally ecstatic because we all know how this cancer works... or do we?