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My Story is Your Story.... Or Is it?

Okay, it's clear those with mm have experienced different journeys than others, whether doctor care, medicine faux paus, infections, lesions, renal issues, anemia, Thrombosis, or no signs of  lingering harsh effects at all. My pain in the $#^ with myeloma as of this Tuesday April 23 is just the slight uncomfortable discomfort ever so lightly in the lower chest area, like someone gave me a hard push in the chest, or the slight pain at the lower back, where the lesion is being watched once a year with hopes it doesn't act up and calling for treatment. My only treatment thus far has been radiation at the chest sternum, and me hoping my skin turns back to normal, well 2 1/2 years in, I've realized this isn't going to happen! Radiation burn is just that a horrible burn! Health coverage - no issues yet, but than again I'm not on medicine so not sure of the bull that comes with having to be medicated for a specific amount of time. Bone marrow transplant - my doctor

Plugging Multiple Myeloma

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend on the trials of myeloma, and it was interesting that we’ve both experienced to some degree the nonchalant reactions when faced with our disease. The saying to walk a mile in one's own moccasins could never be far from the truth, sometimes you get the feeling that no one cares or your cause and or experience is not of interest...., or better yet taken seriously.... I'm reviewing various sources to promote Another Face of Multiple Myeloma , and after extensive research I found there a not many books on patient related experiences, which I find odd, with the exception of popular myeloma blogger Pat Killingsley, I found just two other personal stories from author's penned memoirs on myeloma, and one unfortunately passed away and the other I'm desperately trying to gather contact information. I was in the process of working with a top myeloma foundation to present my book to readers that could possbly relate to my experi

Career Change and Cancer

    I'm pondering so many thoughts of how to live a productive and drama free life. My life in the fashion industry is indeed not easy, but there is a certain thrill that comes along with the journey. My company Spitfir Productions is in the midst of making huge moves, which brings point to the subject Career Change and Cancer.... How does one make a huge career move all while maintaining health coverage and days built up of the years as employed. When a working professional is diagnosed with an incurable illness, not only is survival to be thought on, but how to survive if employment is not an option. I'm blessed, blessed, blessed, where I can still be heavily active; However I met many who are not fortunate and have literally stopped working because they don't have the energy,or in too much pain to be bothered. Having a career in general is not an easy task especially for many trying to decipher what they want to do and how to go about it. When diagnos