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Merry Christmas

Lila and I say Merry Christmas! Lila grants a smile :) I'm so happy to be given another Christmas as a survivor of myeloma! I always feel a bit uneasy every holiday, as I think of my loved ones no longer here, and those true and dear to my heart that continue to encourage me on this journey. I also get a bit tense in wondering what the New Year brings. I got wonderful news a few weeks back.... my PetMRI and Bone Marrow results came back positive. My disease is still at the stable status. The look on  my husband's face eased my heart as well, as I know he is going through with those thoughts in his head of grasping what happens when and if this disease progresses at a rate we've had the fortune of not coming close with. I don't see my Onc until 6 months, my bone marrow #s from 5 years ago went up only by 3. I'm so thankful this Christmas and can only say that I hope God continues to be my 2nd legs on this hazy journey. I wish you my fellow MM's a won