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Similarities in Cancers....

Saturday, my husband and I had an eye appointment- long overdue for 4 years now. I've been getting some stellar headaches and with Myeloma in the midst you try and stir away from getting paranoid- but ya never know... All went well with the multiple blinks and slight chuckles as the doctor and nurse made us feel so comfortable. I'm sure most of you can relate when filling out your health history for new doctors who tend to be introduced in your world, well even though this was a eye appointment I felt and usually now feel compelled to let all health care people know that I'm not your typical patient and a girl has some issues- unfortunately. Well upon giving the spelling of myeloma- the nurse so nonchalantly stated she's a 10 year cancer survivor of breast cancer. Have you noticed as I, that even not by chance meeting people with cancer nowadays is a norm. Someone out there is going through the same or similar trials we're all facing this time of our life.

Interview on The G-Man Interviews Show

Hi There, Looks like many of you dig my blog and understand my journey. I recently did a interview with Gary Glennell Toms, an established journalist who wanted me to share my story.... It has been a story, I'm sure many of you can attest to. Besides being nervous, it felt good getting the experience with myeloma off my chest. Quite frankly I'm perplexed how I'm still chugging along. I have indeed gone through some things in life. As a woman of faith I don't know where I would truly be without faith.... really I don't. Thank you my friends. Welcome to share- Click- Another Face of Multiple Myeloma Best Y