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Better Luck...

  2020 has been such an eye-opener in so many ways. The idea that life can be snatched right from under us has and is a reality that many try to avoid. COVID-19 showed us who was boss along with so many lessons. First Looks Can Be Deceiving- I think some in the myeloma community can agree that this virus has allowed many people to truly understand the importance and what happens when our immune system is compromised. The look of healthy, fit, never sick was not the case for many this year. I know for the many years living with multiple myeloma, many people didn't get it. Many didn't understand what a compromised immune system means, and how dire an infection could turn our situation from bad to turmoil in a quickness. The face of "got it together" has opened up the dialogue that the look of being ill has different faces, situations, and timelines. Second Family and Grounded If you've been the jet setter, or spend days seeing your family at night while being away a