Friday, March 24, 2017

Ageism and Cancer

Cancer has a way of effecting chaos in anything it gets in contact with. It can also be said and witnessed that it does not discriminate in color or age. In this post I wanted to talk a bit about age and how anyone can be diagnosed with the cancer. There are 100,000 babies diagnosed with some form of cancer; The most commonly known are leukemia, brain, retinoblastoma (eye), and neuroblastoma (stomach). How can it be a that a child fresh and new has in some way been subjected to cancer so young? It's so sad to hear stories whether your new to this earth or have lived a full life, you just may be affected with some form of cancer in your lifetime.

I recall some years back it was assumed if someone in your immediate family had cancer, you may be be predisposed as a hereditary trait, but the way it now shows this is no longer the thought. There are so many factors to consider besides hereditary traits:

This post I wanted to just touch a bit on the age factor.

Approximately 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20

*The National Children's Cancer Society

Young Adults
The most common cancers among adolescents age 15-19 are Hodgkin lymphoma, thyroid carcinoma, brain and central nervous system and testicular germ cell tumors

 *The National Children's Cancer Society

Most young adults from the ages of 20-39 are commonly affected with:
-Breast Cancer
-Testicular Cancer

To name a few.

* American Cancer Society

Many in the senior sector are living longer and the amount of diseases are even more prevalent with later age. This is not to say everyone will have cancer at 60 or 70, but the toll of age related ailments may show form. For those in their mid 60's it has been suggested that this age group is 10 times greater to show some form or cancer than younger patients.
Those cancers that show a strong association with mortality for this age group are:

Heart disease has been considered the leading cause of senior mortality, but now cancer has taken the lead in various forms.

Are there any true differences in care for those younger vs. older? Cancer treatment always reference to individual tolerance. We can't say because you're younger you have a better go with beating cancer, than someone in their 80's. It's really a toss up in getting a diagnosis early on, to gearing up for a proper treatment plan. Can you sustain the harsh medications, mental, and physical tolls? That is the real question for any age.

Unfortunately all ages can be affected from any chronic disease. Ageism and cancer is a very real reality.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 4 Challenge and Rev/ Dex/ Krypolis

Well I've completed my 21 day fitness challenge- didn't have much time to give a day by day plan with the exception on IG posts -Yoliecooks.
It's been some interesting few weeks, but happy to say I safely lost 5 lbs, and 4 more to go. This challenge has taught me that I don't have to just go with the flow, but I can move towards a healthier eating regimen as well as workout. This challenge was more rewarding than when I normally workout at the gym... with that I'm proud of the results.

-Losing some of waist and stomach- states happiness on my part.

Healthy mindset is a must for those going through chronic conditions. The way to move ahead in making changes is towards your diet and getting some form of physical activity*.

*Always speak with your doctor when you want to go that route of physical activities in what should and should not be done, based on your individual situation.

My diet consisted of mindfulness- period!

It was refreshing to eat minimal and really pay attention on what I placed on the plate.
My regimen went a little like this:
Breakfast- (1 or another)
Smoothies (yogurt, fruits, and flaxseed)
Oatmeal and blueberries

Snacks- (1 or another)
Blueberry (under a cup)
Low fat Popcorn (under a cup)
Trisket crackers (4-5 crackers)

Dinner- (1 or another)
Less white rice and more brown rice- 1 small serving
Fresh vegetables
Fish or Chicken

It was fun to play around with the meals and record my eating schedule on the fridge.
Part of this challenge was a huge intake of water- which definitely did my body good.

More developments on the way :)


Monday, January 9, 2017

2017- 21 Day Fitness Challenge.. With Dex/ Krypolis & Rev

Okay, so I've been displaying some of  my journey when it comes to fitness. My weight has been up and down for about a year now. I'm petite- so my normal weight was around 120lb before I started taking my myeloma cocktail. In 2016 after a horrible all goes wrong with a root canal earlier in the year- my weight dropped from 130lb (gained 10lbs) to 110lb.... it was that bad! Anyway, I recovered from that but found my weight was still leaning towards the danger zone for someone my height (5'3").
I'm on a journey to change how we think our lives cannot change despite a chronic illness. I believe and have successfully pushed on my twitter the need to stay fit and healthy despite the situation- well aspiring towards a Fit trainer- I gotta look like I know what I'm talking about.

I'm taking part of a 21 Day Fitness Challenge and looking forward to sharing my journey with you.
Tomorrow is the day and I guess I'll do more posting than I normally do.

Things to consider:

_I'm a fighter so I'm up for the challenge.
_I like to shop- I'm a fashion professional come on.... I like to look super cute in threads :)
_My journey is just that- Please note my Doctor is aware that I do include fitness in my schedule. ALWAYS go through your fitness journey with your doctor first.
_I recently was prescribed amlodipine... the lowest dose thanks to my intake of Krypolis.
_ Weight is a good thing- My team would rather I have some lbs rather lose, as these drugs can do their most, and we need all the nutrients we can get when combining (KRD)

Therefore, these to consider - I know not to push things if it gets too crazy.

Anyway, can't wait to share my pics and results. Also to share my Yolie Cooks IG... coming soon.
I like to cook and take pics and I've been asked to show more- so 2017 I will supply.