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Okay, so a few things happened to me over the past 3 months... Viral Infection ( Temporary lost of hearing due to this infection) Almost bled to death a few blood transfusions.... long story and the kicker..... My numbers have spiked time for treatment! I just returned from my wonderful vacation, as we were sure this would not take place, yet it did. I survived my transfusion ordeal, though scary and losing me a few times in the hospital, yet I made it. When I got the back to back news about MM and time to react with treatment, I was devastated- my thought was I will now be one of those people who starts the true dance with myeloma. I wanted to punch something and someone, but after a few days in the Bahamas, I've come back with a new perspective. God is not done with me yet.... he could have easily ended this a few weeks ago with my other medical scares, as I was that close to leaving here. Though I'm anxious, nervous about what's to come, I'm so a fighter

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What I’m learning and learning quite harshly is that life goes on with myeloma- this I knew; however You can’t win being stubborn! Though I’m a huge advocate of living a full and productive life, this does not mean doing things that are not considered unhealthy. My pattern of 4 -5 hours’ sleep has caught up to me in ways I didn’t think it would. My last post of a viral infection and now another huge health scare…. And may I say none of these have anything to do with multiple myeloma. Lesson learned after a blood transfusion, collapsing, and seizure…. A change is going to come in one way or another. If you’re like myself constantly busy and not making the best decision in getting rest, take my words, you’re not going to win, because just when you want to be at the top of your game, your body will shut it down, and the hope is that it doesn’t shut you down permanently.   Lessons to be learned when terminally under watch (if you will): -Little rest- opens the door for