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2017- 21 Day Fitness Challenge.. With Dex/ Krypolis & Rev

Okay, so I've been displaying some of  my journey when it comes to fitness. My weight has been up and down for about a year now. I'm petite- so my normal weight was around 120lb before I started taking my myeloma cocktail. In 2016 after a horrible all goes wrong with a root canal earlier in the year- my weight dropped from 130lb (gained 10lbs) to 110lb.... it was that bad! Anyway, I recovered from that but found my weight was still leaning towards the danger zone for someone my height (5'3").
I'm on a journey to change how we think our lives cannot change despite a chronic illness. I believe and have successfully pushed on my twitter the need to stay fit and healthy despite the situation- well aspiring towards a Fit trainer- I gotta look like I know what I'm talking about.

I'm taking part of a 21 Day Fitness Challenge and looking forward to sharing my journey with you.
Tomorrow is the day and I guess I'll do more posting than I normally do.

Things to consider:

_I'm a fighter so I'm up for the challenge.
_I like to shop- I'm a fashion professional come on.... I like to look super cute in threads :)
_My journey is just that- Please note my Doctor is aware that I do include fitness in my schedule. ALWAYS go through your fitness journey with your doctor first.
_I recently was prescribed amlodipine... the lowest dose thanks to my intake of Krypolis.
_ Weight is a good thing- My team would rather I have some lbs rather lose, as these drugs can do their most, and we need all the nutrients we can get when combining (KRD)

Therefore, these to consider - I know not to push things if it gets too crazy.

Anyway, can't wait to share my pics and results. Also to share my Yolie Cooks IG... coming soon.
I like to cook and take pics and I've been asked to show more- so 2017 I will supply.



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